Now that I'm confident I've clinched the world's most inconsistent blogger award for 2011, I think it's probably safe to return to my poor, poor, neglected website.  I could list some real excuses: work, an (un)healthy Minecraft addiction, laziness, but ...Read More

My dad and Freddie.

In 1983 my dad met a guy named Feddie Hoffman.  Actually, he first heard about Freddie like an approaching weather pattern.  My dad and his sister had driven to Vermont to take part in a week-long bicycle tour of ...Read More

So on Friday after I got off work and forced myself to go to the gym despite my mounting and increasingly intolerable anticipation, I hopped into the car with a weekend's worth of clothes, a homemade reddit t-shirt, and only ...Read More

Much has happened in the gulf of months since my last post.  In terms of my web presence, Robservations has, as you can see, found itself a new home in my long-languishing domain name. I started ten or eleven years ...Read More

As my dedicated readers (all three of you) probably already know, February was a bit of a rough month for me.  Of course, it started on a high note, with the successful execution of a surprise party for Rachel, of ...Read More